Leadership Team

Brad Jury, Senior Pastor
When Brad was five he crossed the line of faith by accepting the atoning work of Christ on Calvary’s cross. Growing up in a Christian home he was encouraged to pursue the calling of God on his life. While preparing for pastoral ministry at a Christian college Brad met Jennifer. Soon it became clear that God had carefully placed them together to serve Him as a ministry team. They began their married life together serving in Rochester, New Hampshire where Brad served as Assistant Pastor. Later, the Lord led them to Denver, Colorado and Indianapolis, Indiana where he continued to serve as Assistant Pastor in Baptist churches. In 2009, the Lord called Brad to Providence Baptist Church where he began his relationship with PBC as Senior Pastor.The Lord has blessed Brad & Jennifer with Kyle (11), Carter (8), Kassia (6) and Cana, (2). Brad’s desire is to see Providence Baptist Church expand it’s impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy community while deepening their devotion to the Lord through strong discipleship and God-centered worship.

DonovanMike Donovan, Deacon
Mike was born in Detroit, Michigan to middle-class parents, the second of five children and the eldest son.  His family attended Mass regularly and he was baptized as an infant and participated in Confirmation and Holy Communion.  His extended family was Catholic, including a great-aunt who was a nun.  “To be honest, I did not know there was anything other than Catholicism.  I participated in church and catechism till my early teens, but eventually saw no relevance for attending since it had no impact on my daily life.”  After Mike’s parents divorced, his mother, brothers and sister began attending a Baptist church.  He was very skeptical and was sure they were deceived into going because they were very gullible and emotionally driven.  Eventually Mike stopped attending church.  One day he was invited to a roller-skating outing; at the end of the event the youth pastor presented the good news of the Gospel—how God loved him and sent Jesus His Son to die on the cross in our place, paying the wage of our sins.  He knew that God was calling him to accept His free gift of grace.  At the age of sixteen he repented of his sins and by faith trusted in God to save him.After high school Mike was led to attend a Christian college to learn more about the Bible and Christian living while also pursing a Mathematics degree.  There he met his lovely wife Linnea.  After several years of friendship and dating they were married in 1981.  The Lord has blessed them with four children:  Sarah, Stephen, Christina and James.  Mike works as a Computer System Engineer for a small consulting firm in Columbus.

GoldenNathan Golden, Deacon
Nathan is a native of Florida and grew up in a home that was deeply influenced by the Word of God. Through God’s great mercy, he found new life in the atoning work of Christ. He met Vanessa, his wife, in college and together they have two beautiful daughters, Amelia and Molly. The Lord has led their family all around the country, from West Virginia to Utah and ultimately to Ohio. They are thankful for the grace-filled fellowship of the believers at PBC.



David reed, deaconREED-DAVID-23

David was born and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and frequently attended the church where his parents were members. Without a clear presentation of the Gospel, David had no understanding of who Jesus was or the price He paid for our redemption. David finished high school and was off to college, but it wasn’t till after college that God opened David’s spiritual eyes through the testimony of a co-worker. With the simple declaration, “Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins,” David experienced an instantaneous spiritual transformation that answered the question he had once asked himself as a teen in church, “Who is this who bled and died?” At that moment, he remembers the spirit within him saying, “I agree!” Not long afterward he met his future wife, Andrea, who was a Christian, and they were later married and began their walk together in the Lord which ultimately led to becoming members of Providence Baptist Church. David and Andrea have two grown children, Jordan and Kristin.


And Every Member a Minister!